Case 1.3 - the poetry hack.

An artistic "case", we were asked to give our multi-medial interpretation of a poem by Herman de Coninck.

We had a poem that spoke in contrasts and that is what we (Jim Bollansée, Steven Reeckmans and I) wanted to portrait with our installation.

It featured a projection of two similar videos that were as different as possible in what they showed. Slow versus Fast, Rich versus Poor. A crowd versus alone.

The viewer of the videos was monitored by a webcam. The image was analyzed by Flash and the more the viewer moved, the more the faster, richer movie showed. If they stood still, the slower version showed.

The projection was started by turning on the lights. In the middle of the room there was a large light-button that was connected to the circuit of the spacebar on the keyboard underneath. This way, it ignited the lights, shown in the picture above.

My contribution was the montage of the movies and creating the music underneath.

This project is still in conversion to an online version.

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