I Think I Broke Myself

I Think I Broke Myself was a project we made for our Experiency course. With an interdisciplinary team consisting of four TV-Film students, one Productdesign student and two Communication & MultimediaDesign students (me and Jim Bollansée) we had to make a room that was an immersive experience for whoever entered.

After some very hard brainstorming sessions, we agreed on the idea of making a mirror that would break the viewer up in pieces if he came near. We discussed various methods of making this digital reflection, including pretty complex ones with two-sided mirrors, but eventually for the sake of simplicity we decided to put the registering webcam next to the mirror instead of behind, and rear-project the image.

Right next to the camera was a little sonar sensor connected to an Arduino microcontroller. The Arduino had a serial connection with Isadora, which handled the video signal.

Isadora was chosen because of this workshop, where it did its job very well. Our first choice had been Processing, but that proved too slow.

The room was cut in half with a wooden frame and black facbric, so the projector wasn't visible.

At the end of the chain Isadora sent out OSC signals to pure data which formatted it into MIDI that crossfaded a soundscape in Ableton Live.

I was involved with the creative process, programming Isadora, and making the soundscape.

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