Glasgow mega snake was a project made for a workshop in Flemish culture house "De Brakke Grond" in Amsterdam. The workshop was about gaming and physical input / physical computing with technologies like the game engine Unity and Arduino.

Together with Danny Leen, Tom Luyten, Jim Bollansée we created what Jim aptly called an "Artgame"

In only three days we were able to get familiar with Unity and connect a wiimote to it using OSC. The application in Unity in turn sent out OSC signals that were formatted to MIDI by pure data for ableton live.

My contribution was brainstorming in the creative process about concept and style, programming the game engine to send out OSC signals, making the pure data MIDI routing patch, making a soundscape in ableton live and some programming here and there (like making the level endlessly repeat).

A lot of game systems were already in place, like collision detection, basic physics systems and particle generators.

A more elaborate report can be read on my blog, Jim's blog, Tom's blog and Liesbeth's (our teacher) blog.

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