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Crank - The game was the follow-up to 8-mile the game. It was our Redo project for our course "The Narrative"

Again we had to make an interactive flash application that told a story.

The character wakes up confused, and finds out that he has been poisoned. Throughout the game he needs adrenaline to stay alive while he gets his revenge.

We used a lot of video montage in this project. Sometimes the player got an assignment (like find your keys or search for medicine), sometimes he could interact with the image in a blur, a hallucination.

At the end, his doctor gives him one hour to live and it's up to the player to decide what he wants to do with it. Have fun or get his revenge.

Ultimately, we show the player both endings simultaneously. The player can choose with his mouse how much of each ending he wants to see.

We also built a little gimmick into the game. If you died, the developers would come up in a little movie and tell the player that he can't really die and that he has to move on.

Because of the large amount of copyrighted material we used and large amount of movie material I'm afraid this project will never hit the web.

My contribution was: all sorts of things. Mainly programming in actionscript 2.

Software & Technologies used:

Adobe Flash

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Premiere

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