8-Mile - The Game was made for our "The Narrative" course.

This course was about storytelling and how it could be achieved with multi-medial solutions.

The assignment was to tell a story based on a book or film by means of an interactive flash application.

After a while we (Nick Looijmans, Gunter Blokken, and I) chose 8-mile because of it's simple storyline, the rise to fame that would be easy to translate to a game.

Our application had a scrolling wall where you could interact with the characters on the street. You had to face certain challenges if you wanted to win your respect back, including paintballing, doing a handshake, and of course, winning rap battles.

The game wasn't good enough for the teachers unfortunately, because we focused too much on "play" instead of "narrative". It still remains an impressive piece of work.

I hope that we will be able once to produce an online version of the game, but for now the different files used are too big and it doesn't feature any preloaders.

My contribution was programming the rapbattles, making a bit of after effects stuff when there was time for it and also, rapping! All of the lyrics used and sung in the game were original and I have no idea how, but I became the rapper of our group.

It was a fun project, and I hope we can finish it sometime.

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